On The Radar: Bobby Pebblestone




“I’m Bobby Pebblestone and I’m an independent hip hop artist based out of Cleveland, Ohio. I released my first ever project self-titled, “BOBBY” in 2018 and followed up in 2019 with a new track every Wednesday as well as a 3-song EP that dropped in April. I released 55 new songs in 52 weeks last year and I’m planning on something better for 2021. I’ve got a ton of music out to listen to right now so go stream it and be sure you’re ready for what’s coming soon. Music videos? An album or two? Who knows. All I do know though is that I’m 100% independent so I can do whatever I want whenever I want so keep paying close attention... you don’t want to miss out!”




Instagram: www.instagram.com/bobbypebbs

Youtube: https://youtu.be/2i__g6Y1guE