“LA kid ballin’ in Boston like Paul Pierce”




Gifted Underachiever, Wst. Taylor’s new EP is an exercise of speaking your dreams into fruition. You can feel Wst.  Taylor’s hunger right out the gate with the first track, Standing on Gold Dayton’s where it seems like he’s salivating at the mouth for a chance to enter into the realm of a true legend.  It’s that same energy Wst. maintains throughout his day to day life and that’s what’s so captivating him. You can’t help but to nod your head and respect a man who seems to want, above all else, to be a Great. 

It’s pretty astounding to think Wst. Taylor has made such a huge mark on the underground hip hop scene coming out of Lynn, Massachusetts, seeing as that, Wst. just moved to Lynn a little over a year ago and has been dropping project after project of great music, spoken from the soul. He has the cadence of a poet and the heart of one too, spoken from the perspective of a kid who experienced the trauma of gang life from the streets of LA, eventually being adopted with love and open arms under the stars in Boston. An “LA kid ballin’ in Boston like Paul Pierce” indeed. 

Wst. Taylor’s unorthodox flow and spiritual gangster continues to find its grooves with every project and Gifted Underachiever stands out as his best work to date.