Don Cheedle Mixed With Don Corleone

  If Don Cheedle and Don Corleone fucked and had a baby... BIG PAUSE, that lil gangsta baby would be LA to Lynn’s’ own Wst. Taylor, according to him in his new laid back gangster bop

   There’s so many gems in FlacoWst for any hip hop fan to appreciate, a laid back boom bap vibe with some knocking bass, some moledic word play that zigs and zags but never burns out and crash, and a powerful unorthodox rap voice that cuts through dope beats like a razor. With 6 in the chamber, FlacoWst packs some serious heat with great guest appearances by friends and family like Macc Dolo, another rapper worth checking out and Wst Taylor’s real life cousin. It’s interesting when you hear both of them on a track like Parkin Lot Pimpin’ because there is a sound that links them like DNA and I get a strong sense that like family, they’ve  grown and developed as rappers together, a familial sound but what they do with it are both original in their own ways and engaging to the ear as they rap about a lifestyle that sounds and feels like the hood version of The Godfather. 

   FlacoWst is Wst. Taylor’s latest project that closed out a very impressive 2020 by the emerging artist with 4 great releases in West Street, Gifted Underachiever, his collab project Ocean Park, and FlacoWst, seemingly a project for every season of an otherwise TERRIBLE 2020. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with Wst. Taylor yet, this project is a quick bite sized 17 minutes of Wst. Taylor’s mojo. PAUSE.

Give it a listen here: